This is a punchy chilli sauce, tempered slightly with some sweetness. Judges liked the fact that this sauce carried both heat and flavour. Nice vibrant colour. Heat builds slowly, which works well rather than punching you in the face straight away.

Chilli jam is a savoury jam, so is used to accompany savoury dishes. Our hot chilli jam is made using Scotch Bonnet Chillies, but we also make an award winning milder version with medium red chillies for those who prefer a little less heat, for instance. This is a wonderfully versatile preserve that can accompany cheese, cold meats, fish or burgers equally well. On the other hand you can add a spoonful to a stew or stir-fry to spice things up a bit!

Ingredients: Sugar, white wine vinegar (Sulphites), scotch bonnet chillies, onions, red peppers, chopped tomatoes, ginger, garlic, salt.

Gluten Free✔ Vegans✔ Lactose Free✔ Allergens- sulphur dioxide