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Boneless Turkey


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Whole Turkey Boned & Rolled (Includes Legs & Thighs)
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Each  Turkey is carefully prepared and specially boxed (giblets included) with a recipe leaflet and cooking instructions(Flower Farm Turkeys are easy to cook, but they are not supermarket birds, so things need to be done a little differently when you are dealing with something special!).

Weight & Approximate Number of Serving Guide for Boneless Turkeys

4.5KG – 5.5KG – 10-13 Servings

6-7KG – 14-18 Servings

Please note that when we say 10-13 servings, we mean 10-13 generous portions, with plenty of leftovers, so there is no need to select a Turkey larger than indicated! (although we all like a turkey sandwich or a turkey curry on boxing day!).

The weight choices are not approximate, the chosen weight is the minimum size bird you will receive, but you only pay for the base weight selected.

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4.5KG, 5KG, 5.5KG, 6KG


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